Albergo Antica Luni - The History

OUR History

This is the beginning of the legendary '60s, when born the first structure of what over time will become the Antica Luni Hotel.
A bar-restaurant, where the authentic home cooking grandma "Assunta" and grandfather "Emilio", is quickly become a strong call for the whole valley of the Magra.

The owner, Mori Elio during the construction of the hotel.

Transition zone between the high Tuscany and the beginning of Liguria East, seat of the antique Roman city of Luni, so beautiful and impressive that, legend has it, King Hastings, mistook them for Rome and in the 860ac led his Vikings to plunder and destroy.
Even today one can admire the splendid remains of an archaeological site of rare beauty and importance (amphitheater, temples, etc..).
Crossed by the most important of the Roman consular roads: the Via Aurelia, and the route of Pilgrims: The Francigena, has for centuries been an area of touristic and historical great places. Just 25 km from 5 Terre, 50 km from Pisa, 100 km from Florence and Genova.
Do not forget the marble quarries of Carrara and the Medieval Castles in Lunigiana, all reachable in few minutes.

Today the "Antica Luni" Hotel offers its guests 17 rooms, modern and comfortable, including two build to accommodate the disabled. There is also a lift and air conditioning.
A large private car park also allows the parking of bulky vehicles.
And do not forget, your pets are welcome!!

Versione Italiana

1965 - Wilma De Angelis 1961 - Iva Zanicchi 1968 - I Dik Dik 1971 - I Nomadi